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Frequently Asked Questions


During our initial conversations we will talk with you about the scale of your project and how it compares to other, similar projects. Then, in our detailed planning process, you will receive a budget to accompany preliminary designs. Finally, you will receive a bid-priced contract defining exactly what your final design will cost.

We know you need good information to make good decisions, and cost is an important factor of those decisions.

Shopping for home remodeling services is not like shopping for a car – you just can’t test drive different models and compare the features.

That said, our planning process creates a “shopping experience” for you. We present different plan options to help you understand what’s possible in your home.
Our 3D models let you “test drive” and really get a sense of how the space might look and feel. Plus, our online portal lets you see all the details, options and costs, so you will be able to compare and make great “shopping” decisions once the planning is underway.

For tips and advice on how to begin the remodeling process, and ensure a better remodeling experience, download our “Quick Start Guide to Remodeling“.

Picking the right team to craft the changes for your home can be a daunting task.
You have to be sure the remodeler understands your home and lifestyle. This is a relationship that will last for months — you want to be sure you like your remodeling team.


– When you first reach out to us, we want to get to know you, your home, and your needs better. Our Client Champion will be the point person who listens and understands you.

– Once you start in the design process you will have a Lead Designer who will work closely with you to express your vision for your remodeled spaces. 

– In the final stage, construction, your Lead Carpenter will be focused on making sure you know what is happening every day, listening to your concerns, and providing details and solutions. Your lead carpenter is backed up by a dedicated, Production Office Staff.

Your designer and client champion don’t disappear once your project enters construction. With our integrated communication portal and regular team meetings, they stay up to date on your remodel and are there to help as needed.

Even after your project is complete, we won’t just go away. We stay in touch and also leave your communication portal open for a year.

Telephone, text and email are all great communication methods. But with the magic of our online portal, questions posted there will be seen by the entire project team, ensuring you are taken care of right away. That will be the best way to stay in touch throughout your project. Always let us know if a particular communication method works best for you.

It is our goal to respond to all communication within one business day, usually faster if your project is under construction as well as during key points during your project.


Give us a call and we can give you a sense of how long remodeling projects similar to yours have taken and what the process has been like.

Typically, your project team will be working on 2-4 projects like yours at a time.

Bluestem always provides bid-price guarantees. Your bid-priced construction contract is accompanied by a detailed scope of work and a construction plan set. This contract is our commitment to you to complete the project at the price quoted.

The cost only changes for one of the following two reasons: You add something to the scope of the project, or there is a hidden or unforeseen condition (such as rotted walls) not knowable during a typical inspection.

Your online portal tracks all of the details so there is never a nasty surprise about costs or payments. You stay in control.

Our production team is committed to driving your project forward in the most efficient way possible, but we never want to risk quality by rushing things. The detailed planning that takes place before construction begins is one way we can assure the building process goes smoothly and according to schedule.

Between the construction contract and the beginning of construction activities – the pre-construction phase – we will concentrate on helping you make final decisions.

We will then provide a schedule for you in your online portal, where you will always be able to monitor progress and will receive daily updates.

You can expect that your project will be finished according to the schedule and that you will always know what’s happening.

The main causes for schedule adjustments are changes to the plan or the scope of work due to client additions or unforeseen conditions.

During pre-construction, we create a detailed plan to be able to deliver your project on time. Occasionally, factors such as weather, delays in manufacturing or inspection backlogs might cause a delay. We never want this to happen, but if it does, we will communicate as soon as possible and give you our plan to stay on track.



NARI stands for the National Association of the Remodeling Industry.

This professional organization establishes trust by setting the highest standards for professionalism, good business practices, and quality from its member companies. Members are top-quality remodelers and vendors.

In 1935, NARI was born (albeit under a different name). In the following decades, they helped support homeowners looking to remodel their homes instead of constructing new ones.

In the early 1980s, the National Remodelers Association and the National Home Improvement Council joined forces to become the NARI we know and admire today.

The organization’s core purpose is to “advance and promote the remodeling industry’s professionalism, product and vital public purpose.”

We could not agree more with those sentiments.

At Bluestem Remodeling, we prioritize our certifications and training as a proud NARI member. We share the organization’s customer service and commitment values. Furthermore, we are committed to high standards, professional education, ethics, and integrity. After all, you deserve a company that cares about your home’s transformation just as much as you do.

Learn more about the array of awards we have received and what separates us from other remodeling companies in Minnesota.

Each year NARI members are encouraged to submit their work to be judged in various categories for this annual competition. The judging is done by remodeling professionals from another state and is anonymous. The winning projects are chosen on the criteria of: Demonstrating craftsmanship, solving technical problems and meeting the owner’s goals and needs. 

Bluestem has won Contractor of the Year (CotY) Awards in 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019, 2020, and 2021, and National CotY Awards in 2016, 2019 and 2020.

A Certified Remodeler is a highly experienced remodeling professional recognized by the National Association of the Remodeling Industry (NARI). Certified Remodelers are recognized for their technical skills and strong business management capabilities.

According to NARI statistics, “80% of consumers would choose a certified remodeling professional over one who is not.” To highlight the very best remodeling organizations, NARI provides a thorough certification process for those ready and willing to work to a higher standard to highlight the very best remodeling organizations.

Certified Remodelers undergo additional training and testing, as well as background and reference checks. Additionally, they must periodically renew their certification.

When you decide to remodel your home, you want to work with a team you trust. We hear that! Hiring a NARI Certified Remodeler guarantees that you’ve chosen outstanding professionals informed about the latest industry practices.

Here are a couple of crucial areas where Certified Remodelers excel:

● Healthy business backed by profitable finances.
● In-depth understanding of codes and regulations, including correspondences with code officials.
● Thorough job-site evaluations, especially for hard-to-navigate issues.
● An emphasis on green remodeling.
● Demonstrated in-depth knowledge of the trade and the tasks at hand.

As a Minnesota Certified Remodeling Company, we take immense pride in the professional and exceptional work we provide for our clients.

Want to know more about how we prioritize client satisfaction? Read about our Bluestem Guarantees.

The National Kitchen and Bath Association (NKBA) sets high industry standards and practices for the design and building of kitchens and baths. We work to all NKBA standards.

MN Greenstar seeks to drive positive impact to our environment by transforming residential building practices. We use the MN Greenstar standards to assure homeowners have choices to reduce waste, save energy and protect environmental quality as they improve their homes.

The Association of Professional Builders (APB) is an international organization dedicated to educating building and remodeling contractors to be the best at client service, company organization, and communication. Their resources, expertise, and coaching opportunities are respected throughout the remodeling industry. 

Bluestem regularly participates in Association of Professional Builders training to improve all aspects of our business. It’s our goal to be the best remodeling company possible. That’s why we’re always looking to learn about the latest insights, trends, and techniques.

Our continued commitment to excellence and education is one of the reasons our clients trust us!


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