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Expert’s Advice to a Cozy and Positive Vibe Decor
by David De la Mora

“What is better than home?
A cozy and peaceful home. There’s nothing like the feeling of comfort, peace, and relaxation within the walls of your own place. 

The harmony of a tidy, clean, and well-laid-out room brings balance to our minds, many times, in a subconscious way. 

Often, these things are overseen, but when they’re taken care of, the wellness and quality of the lives of the people inhabiting those spaces improve. There are several currents and techniques to achieve these feelings of peace and comfort at home; so we took on the task of looking for a handful of experts to share their knowledge and bring our public some ideas and advice on how they can turn their home’s spaces into positive spaces themselves.

We asked experts for their advice regarding decorating and laying out homes in a way that could help our readers set up happy, cozy spaces with a balanced and peaceful vibe. 

This is what they told us…”

Bluestem Remodeling:

What Are The Most Common Mistakes When Designing a Cozy Home?

    1. Being too afraid of color.
      (You don’t want everything to turn out bland.)
    2. Designing your home for a future buyer and not for yourself.
      (There’s a good chance you’ll make mistakes and it won’t feel good to you.)
    3. Too many good ideas.
      (It’s ok to pick some, but not all. Editing and narrowing down is important.)
    4. Clutter.
      (Have less. Minimize.)

Tips For Adding a Positive Vibe Decor To Your Home:

    1. Start by thinking about the activities and functions of each room.
      What kinds of furnishings will comfortably support everyone who will be using that space? What activities will be taking place there? It’s important to think about the use and purpose of each space before making design and decoration decisions.
    2. Next, think about texture. Try to combine a variety of materials and textures, such as rattan, boucle, velvet, linen, woven textured rugs or fabrics, etc. This can add visual variety to a space, and if done well, can improve the cozy, calming effect of a room.
    3. Don’t forget to make sure all materials are comfortable. (i.e. no scratchy wool on a bench seat where people will sit in shorts)
      Tip: Texture in the form of accessories – pillows, rugs, throws, etc. – is more flexible and less expensive, and can be changed out as trends or tastes change!
    4. Add layers of light. A combination of overhead lighting (recessed), wall lighting (sconces), task lighting (such as under cabinet lighting), and moveable lamps (floor lamps, table lamps, reading lamps) is the best way to make a space feel cozy because you can adjust the light levels based on your activity and the mood you want to create. Dimmers and separate switching are critical.

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‘Expert’s Advice to a Cozy and Positive Vibe Decor’

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