Working All the Angles — A Worldly Bath Retreat

Confined and crowded master bath becomes an open, spa-like sanctuary

Project Floorplans

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Project Details

A sharply angled roof in this vintage 1920's home helped give the master bath a feeling of confinement. Collaborating with the client, we used the angles to advantage, creating an uplifting and spacious new bathroom with a personalized, Zen inspired aesthetic.

This 1928 Minneapolis home exudes charm and understated style. Located in one of the most desirable neighborhoods in the city, the home has great flow, good light, and well-maintained character. Purchased almost two years ago, the owners had a clear vision for their home: “We want it to be a sanctuary for our spirits and avocations.”

While our clients had initially considered several remodeling projects, they decided to focus most of their resources on the second-floor master bathroom – it was cramped, dark and outdated. But the biggest problem was room. Due to the small size and sharply angled roof that sliced the area into disconnected nooks, the bathroom couldn’t comfortably accommodate the tallest owner.

In addition to adding headroom and opening the space to allow owners to move freely about, the clients also wanted storage, two sinks, a private WC and a separate shower and tub. Using the existing space, our challenge was to accommodate these “wants” while keeping a keen eye on head heights.

Admirers of minimalist aesthetics, the owners embraced an Asian approach. An open-plan concept, coupled with rich wood details and intricate tile selections, created a space with the ample room and the style our client craved. At the same time, we needed to ensure clear pathways and keep in mind the multiple users of the space.

As each part of the five-piece bath was installed, it became a game of inches. Mirrors were hung to height with precision, and tub deck measurements were meticulously checked to ensure clearance. Finishing details were heavily considered to ensure the design was cohesive throughout and nothing was overlooked.

This was a multi-layered project with structural limitations that inspired creativity. The obstacles compelled us to explore fresh ideas, discover innovative solutions, and use new tools – but the results were well worth it. The client’s new bathroom captured their vision and exceeded their expectations.

Client Needs

  • Use existing building envelope and optimize use of existing angles
  • Headroom to accommodate a 6’4” man
  • Create a private WC with ample height
  • Added storage space
  • Separate shower and tub
  • Updated bathroom utilities and fixtures
  • Ample light throughout the upstairs
  • Better space continuity


  • Access master bathroom panel tub; in closet out of sight, below on first floor
  • A more understated radiant heat plan
  • Hand-held, multi-function, showerhead
  • Reuse old bathroom space for new inline fan with out-of-sight access


  • High-end fixtures and accessories, integrated design
  • Natural woods to balance existing space
  • Generous and understated overall lighting
  • Open plan concept
  • Marble mosaic tile in intricate pattern


  • Custom floating vanity with matching shelves
  • Ipe decking with removable step
  • Floating shelves and niche to align perfectly with angled ceiling

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