Retro Meets Trend-Forward Meets Sensibility

Mid Century Modern Art-Inspired Luxury Kitchen

Before & Afters

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Project Details

Not only did these homeowners want a practical kitchen - one that made cooking, cleaning and storage more efficient, but they also wanted to create “a kitchen experience”. They wanted a kitchen that looked and felt like them, and to be able to look around their kitchen and love what they saw. The new kitchen needed to make sense, while honoring the home, the style, and the original Mid Century flair. Their final kitchen remodel perfectly meets all of their needs, as well as their dreams!

The previous kitchen in this house had clearly been a revolutionary, eye-catching, cool kitchen when it was first built in 1965. But, decades later, it was tired, old, dim, and inefficient for modern living. Plus, the aesthetic did not match the rest of the home.

The remodel involved expanding the kitchen, creating more usable surface space, updating the bar, rethinking the great room, and creating great solutions for both storing and displaying cookware. Everything has its place in this new layout, including new, hardworking appliances.

The updated bar comes off of the living room area. It’s not just a show piece, but a very functional, hard-working part of the home. Besides containing a beverage cooler and concealed ice drawer, is has custom cabinets built in for storing seasonal items and specialty equipment. Access and ease of use was considered at every point in the creation of this new bar, and every part of it serves a useful purpose.

The new spaces in this home are not only incredibly efficient and packed with purpose and function, but the “Wow” visual these homeowners desired was achieved in the final design. 

The palette was inspired by a piece of art in the home, and blends perfectly with the rest of the Mid Century Modern home. The layout, colors, style and function of the new kitchen fits perfectly with the homeowners’ unique, personal style, and bring them joy and ease every single day.

Construction Challenges:

When Bluestem came in to remodel the kitchen and dining area of this home, the house had settled, and portions of the home were out of square and out of level. The team had to go in and fix structural portions of the house so that everything could align properly. The structural integrity and soundness of the home had to be considered at every step along the way.

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