Golden Valley Basement Bathroom Remodel

Dark, dated bathroom turned bright and zingy, functional and fun

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Project Details

The basement bathroom in this Golden Valley home was dark, outdated, and unpleasant. The tile was cracking in the tub, and there was no room to store toiletries – clutter was everywhere. More storage space, updated surfaces, and improved functionality were key priorities for these homeowners in their bathroom remodel.

Click below to learn how our design team transformed this dated basement bathroom into new one that perfectly fits the owners’ style, with more storage, better lighting, and a fun, new look!

The primary scope of this project involved a larger bathroom renovation.

But, the homeowners decided to update the basement bathroom at the same time as the master bathroom remodel, improving efficiency and maximizing their budget.

The original bathroom in the basement was dark and unpleasant, and the dark corner shower made bathing less than desirable. The tile was cracking in the tub, and there was no room to store toiletries, leading to mess and clutter everywhere.

Homeowner Needs for this Bathroom Refresh

  • Brighten up the space
  • Create more storage solutions (no more messy counters!)
  • Energy-efficient lighting, heating and plumbing
  • Environmentally-safe materials and products; recycled products when possible
  • Function and beauty – a new design to reflect their personal style and aesthetic
  • Updated tile, plumbing, cabinetry, and fixtures

The Bluestem Solution

The final design of the new basement bathroom utilizes the existing layout and kept the fun, vintage bathtub the homeowners loved.

A reeded glass door was added at the far end of the bathroom, giving more direct access to the bathroom from the back yard, located right on a lake. 

New Bathroom Features

    • Bright, fun tile
    • Better lighting 
    • “Floating” double vanity (great for the teens who shared the bathroom)
    • Tons of additional storage
    • Fun pops of color – including turning the old radiator into a fun feature!
    • Built-in shower storage to save space
    • New and direct access to back yard and lake

Better lighting and brighter surfaces added an overall brightness and warmth to the entire room, making it feel much more inviting to get ready in the morning in.
The new light fixtures create a zippy, unique style, and the whimsical tile reflects the owners’ style exactly. The added door allows natural light to filter in, allowing the space to be even brighter. The extra storage, additional counter space, and built-in shower storage all help keep the bathroom clean and more organized, and the entire family couldn’t be happier. 

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