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Home Design Trends & Key Solutions for 2021

This year has been one like no other, a whirlwind of changes with unexpected twists and turns. As 2020 comes to a close and we look ahead to what the new year may bring, our homebound lives have many people… Read more »

Dec 18, 2020

Design Tips

Designer Tips for A Luxurious Bathroom Renovation

For many, the past several months have brought a higher level of stress than usual. If you’re looking to create a place to relax in your home, a luxurious bathroom renovation may be the perfect way to decompress! With people… Read more »

Nov 23, 2020


Bluestem Remodeling Named NARI-MN 2020 CotY™ Winner!

                                                                   Bluestem Remodeling Named NARI-MN 2020 CotY™ Winner… Read more »

Nov 11, 2020

Bluestem News

Bluestem’s Owner Receives Master Certified Remodeler Designation!

NARI Welcomes new Master certified remodeler in Twin Cities St. Louis Park, MN, November 9 – Bluestem Remodeling is pleased to announce that Timothy Ferraro has recently achieved the prestigious Master Certified Remodeler status. A Master Certified Remodeler (MCR) designation… Read more »

Nov 06, 2020

Bluestem News

Getting Started with the Design-Build Process: What Do I Need To Know?

Interested in starting a home renovation project? Before picking paint colors or finishes, one of the first things homeowners need to decide is what type of remodeler they are looking for, and then decide which is the best fit for… Read more »

Oct 12, 2020

Professional Guidance

Key Kitchen Design Trends: Embracing Your Personalized Kitchen Style

For most homeowners, updating their kitchen is at the top of their renovation list. As the central hub of the home, kitchens have to pull double duty as both a utilitarian and a beautiful space for families to spend time…. Read more »

Sep 16, 2020


4 Tips for a Mold-Free Basement

First of all… What is a Basement? A basement is a hole in the ground. The ground is made of soil, and almost all soil carries moisture. Moisture is a basement’s worst enemy. Why is Moisture Bad for Basements? Where… Read more »

Jul 24, 2020


Pandemic Impacts on Home Remodeling

Pandemic Design – What does it look like? By Karla Krengel  | Krengel & Hood In this pandemic world, what living habits are changing for you?  Are you now washing off your groceries before putting them away, or taking off… Read more »

Jun 16, 2020

Professional Guidance

Should I Think About Improving My Home During the COVID-19 Crisis?

By Timothy Ferraro | Owner, Bluestem Construction I will get to this question in a moment. First, I hope you are all well and safe as we demonstrate our solidarity as a community by staying at home as much as possible…. Read more »

Jun 02, 2020

Professional Guidance

Bluestem Remodeling Named 2020 NARI National CotY™ Winner!

  Bluestem Remodeling Named NARI National CotY™ Winner The National Association of the Remodeling Industry (NARI) names National CotY™ (Contractor of the Year) Winners.   Minneapolis, MN: April 27, 2020 — The National Association of the Remodeling Industry (NARI) named… Read more »

May 07, 2020

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