Highrise Condo Reconfiguration

Reprioritizing & reconfiguring spaces create guest accommodations and updated master bath.


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Project Details

These homeowners loved the light, the views, and the compactness of their Minneapolis condo unit. The dining space could accommodate the whole family, they had private areas for quiet reading time, and they loved the location, the building and the community. They definitely did not want to leave. However, the wasted space in the guest bath, the dark, depressing, heavy-feeling in the master bath and the lack of closet space for guests were all problems for them. They wanted a brighter, more inviting bathroom with more functionality and storage, better accommodations for guests, and the tv room to become a comfortable place to relax and actually enjoy the incredible view they had. The unit was designed specifically for the needs of the previous owner, but they needed their home to fit their own needs and lifestyle.

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Bluestem helped this couple create the bright master bath they wanted, complete with additional functionality and storage options. The guest bath and sitting room were also both reconfigured. The guest bath was reworked to become smaller – but more functional, and the sitting room was expanded to become a fully-functioning guest room.

The reprioritization and reworking of spaces in this unit is a great example of working within an existing framework to create rooms that better fit the needs and wants of a homeowner. The new spaces are a much better fit for the lifestyle and aesthetic of this couple, while mimicking the warmth and welcoming feel of the existing spaces they already enjoyed. They are now able to fully take advantage of the views in all living areas of the unit and can easily accommodate guests in comfort whenever they desire.

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